Facebook click-jacking could scare users away

Facebook has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. There seems to be a slow and steady drip of stories about privacy issues with the site, yet it continues to march onwards on a quest to global domination.
The BBC just published a useful guide to checking your Facebook security settings – a nice touch because as Facebook points out, all these setting are there and can be adjusted, but how many times do most users ever go and check them?
And now that Facebook has rolled out the ‘Like’ button API, so other sites can host ‘Like’ buttons that feed straight back into your Facebook account, a new wave of ‘click-jacking’ has started – though it seems these initial scams were more designed to test the waters first as no serious damage has been done.
Why is any of this a concern? Because Facebook is moving from being just a social network to being a tool that helps organise your life, from contacts, to diary events, to photo storage. 
The site enjoys immense popularity, but any more issues over privacy and users are going to start getting frightened of clicking any links that look like they came from Facebook.

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