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This blog is about being social in the workplace, the use of social media by the enterprise and how interactivity and dialogue is changing the way enterprises operate within their markets. As such, I recently blogged about Genpact and their rather weak strategy for exploring how social media is going to change the service sector.

I saw a comment on that blog claiming that I apparently don’t know anything about the business side of Genpact. Well given that I’ve been analysing them since before they were even called Genpact, I’d argue that I do know just a little bit about them.
But I never meant to be launching an attack on Genpact as a firm. I like Pramod Bhasin and I think he does have some good insights into the service sector, it’s just that I don’t really agree with his watch-and-wait views on social media.
It’s no good to say that a firm in a particular market doesn’t need to worry about where social media is headed. It’s going to shake the foundations of the business process outsourcing market in places like India because it’s entirely changing the nature of the relationship between companies and consumers… and even in the B2B market, companies are finding that the only way they can reach market influencers is through true dialogue. 
Not white papers that gather dust. Not press releases that journalists ignore. Not junkets where analysts and journalists are plied with exotic trips and free drinks.
If a company won’t – or can’t – engage in a true two-way dialogue then who is going to trust them? And for many, this applies today, not in a vague ‘future’.

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