Do CIOs really use Twitter?

The CIO Connect ‘business as unusual’ conference started yesterday and concludes today in London. I set a search up yesterday morning on my Tweetdeck yesterday to follow the action…

Then, the editor of the CIO Connect magazine, Mark Samuels fired off a few tweets about what people were saying at the conference. Some of those messages were retweeted, but then silence again.
The only conference delegate I saw mentioning any information from the conference was @coe62 – he tweeted some stats being talked about on stage.
I’ve seen this before at other conferences full of senior people. They can spend hours talking about future delivery models and the cloud, yet they are not using any present-day communication tools.
Are the CIOs of today completely disconnected or just too busy to be doing something as trivial as sharing some of the information they are learning at a conference?

Jo and Mark at NASSCOM