Conversation widgets needed

I mentioned here yesterday that a lot of the conversation created by blogs doesn’t actually take place on those blogs, the blog sparks off a Twitter discussion or perhaps new blog posts. And true to form, I got several people talking to me about the blog post on Twitter, but very few actual comments on the blog itself!

One of the discussions I had was about how you could possibly capture the conversation created by the blog. Clearly that’s impossible if there is no actual reference to the blog, but how about in Twitter where people are talking about a post and linking to it, then retweeting the link? What if there was a WordPress widget you could add to the blog that showed what people are saying about the blog, outside of the blog itself?
Does anyone know if that exists, and if not then is some smart developer going to build it?

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Mark, this is a great idea and much better than the simple and restrictive "Tweet / Buzz This" button that you see on some blogs. As a blogger myself as well as an advisor to large companies who do so, I've found that you have to hunt around for any references to your blog content as they get passed from channel to channel, evolving as they go. In fact I would go as far as to say that hunting is less of a relevant metaphor and fishing perhaps more of a comparison (see What you have therefore proposed is a much better net!