Can you build conversations from football advertising?

Indian technology firm Mahindra Satyam built a lot of the technology that’s helping the present FIFA world cup to run smoothly, but 99% of the fans watching the games have probably got no idea who they are – even though the company name is being plastered on ads all over the games.
They have clearly engaged on a branding strategy that works in partnership with their client FIFA and gives them branding and exposure at games. But does it actually work? What does a B2B company really want from their advertising, and particularly from the engagement of the fans online.
I typed ‘Mahindra Satyam’ into the search box on Twitter and a lot of results popped up, but almost all are discussing the company share price – not the advertising blitz at the world cup. And this is on a day when the Indian national financial newspaper the Economic Times, wrote a hagiography on the firm – India’s pride is apparently that they can do football technology, rather than football.
Mahindra Satyam might want to ask:
Has their advertising strategy created other conversations online?
Has the strategy created enquiries, where people have asked for more information?
Has the strategy created enquiries, where people have asked for a meeting?
Has the strategy created crossover promotion, where an analyst or journalist in a published feature has mentioned them in a positive way?
Has the strategy created crossover promotion, where an advisor has promoted them as a potential partner?
In a B2B environment, surely someone asked all these questions before plastering the logo all over world cup games. Or is advertising just about pride and ego?

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Valid thoughts but then to generic to some extent as to what does a B2B company gain out of these advertising platforms. Something similar is the HCL TVC However, in the case of Mahindra Satyam advertising in FIFA, i think it is a good strategy Mahindra Satyam can do with some extra branding. Even though people know that Satyam has managed the whole IT infrastructure for FIFA, the advertisements resonate the same.Couple that with the smooth running of IT operations and the adverts would create the necessary recollect for future World Cup organizers and also B2B companies with requirements for large scale engagements My 2 cents
Good questions Mark. But do you think Mahindra Satyam is targeting the common man watching football? I don't think so. Satyam does outsourcing and its clients are multimillion dollar firms. And firms who do outsource technology must know Mahindra Satyam already. Secondly, you may know that Satyam was embroiled in a huge scam not so long ago..The plastering of bill-boards across the games is an indication that all's well now and the company is thriving => You may now use their services safely.