CW500 on Social Media

If you don’t know who JP Rangaswami is then go and take a look at his Confused of Calcutta blog now. He might be the Chief Scientist for the BT Group, but he demonstrates that executive blogging can – and should – be about a free flow of ideas. Not corporate promotion.
I’m really pleased to say that the next CW500 event on May 19th in London will feature both JP and me speaking about social media in the enterprise. JP will give his own experience as a senior executive using these technologies, and I’m going to focus on what has worked and failed for the people I work with.
Do check it out using the link to the Computer Weekly site above… I hope to see you as it will be the first time (of many I hope) that I’ve interacted with the CW500 club.

JP Rangaswami from BT

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