CIOs who tweet. Why?

I saw a Computer Weekly story about CIOs who tweet flash by on my news feed and clicked through to it, only to find that my online friend had recommended a story from ten months ago. Well, it’s still interesting, but with almost a year passing a lot must have changed – not least John Suffolk heading off to a warmer climate for the winter.

The debate still rages on about whether or not senior management should be tweeting or using similar open communication tools. It’s like that favourite cliche of business schools – the paradigm shift. The old school of management considered that keeping knowledge close to your chest was vital for survival, owning information creates power.
Those of us already familiar with a more open flow of information will be happy to consign these ideas to the history of IT management – or any business management for that matter.
There is immense power in being able to tap into the knowledge of a trusted crowd. Transparency and dialogue are the new tools that will create a power base for those managing information systems – this is already happening today – so how come I still hear from so many senior managers who consider Twitter to be a waste of their time?
If anyone has a more recent list of senior IT managers who tweet then I would appreciate a pointer to it – I’d love to follow up this issue and find out what the leaders are really using Twitter for…

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