Building a Twitter strategy for your business

There is an excellent piece here in Mashable focused on how to build a Twitter strategy for your business.

Of course, this level of planning works if you are going to build a strategy in the first place. I heard a CEO telling me yesterday that he was trying it out “just to see what happens”. And one of the issues in building a formal strategy is that the time it takes to gather momentum can be a huge opportunity cost.
About four years ago, I helped a major Asian tech firm launch their blogging strategy. The head office knew nothing about it, but the UK boss was 100% behind the idea. He wanted to try it, to see what happened. Customers and local industry influencers were impressed, but the head office did not even notice, even though this was all being published openly on the web. Clearly they were not monitoring anything back then.
Times have changed and it’s easier to monitor Twitter for a series of key words or phrases than to go searching the entire blogosphere, but sometimes it can be good to just try things out. Mess around and see what works.

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