Apologies, I'm only sleeping

First, an apology. I never meant to upset anyone by including a photo on my last blog featuring people in a boring meeting and choosing to text or sleep instead of listening to the riveting speaker.

I would have been asleep myself in that meeting if I had not kept myself amused by taking photographs, so it’s nothing personal. So here’s a better photo of the Twitter wall at the 2009 Computer Weekly blog awards:
Tweetdeck - Twitter wall
But, I am still interested in this whole issue of corporate blogging. Are you a boss who blogs? Why do you do it? Is it to speak to your staff or your customers, or industry influencers?
I was chatting to Computer Weekly CW500 editor Angelica Mari yesterday and she asked me to come and talk to a CW audience about this subject. So now I really want some more opinions!
I’d like to gather a few thoughts from the audience here before I start commenting. I’ll start posting a reason a day for managers to blog, but only if I hear from some managers about why they do or don’t blog first… get typing!

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