A life saved by Twitter

Chris and Katy Mann (@mannix1000) tragically lost their three month-old son, Charlie, to meningitis in October 2010 and are now passionate about trying to save the lives of others from this devastating disease, which took their baby son away – and I know about the disease personally as my own grandmother died from a sudden attack where she was well in the morning and dead by the evening.
The husband and wife team took on the challenge of contacting celebrities and well-known tweeters, and asking them to help, just by simply retweeting this message: 
“Hi please help with a RT. Meningitis awareness, my son died age 3 months. http://charliecheekychops.blogspot.com/ thanks…” 

Comedian Ed Byrne duly retweeted the message and his tweet was spotted by the mother of a child who was concerned about their ill child. The tweet prompted the mother to ask for a second opinion and then to call an ambulance… @daisydoug sent this tweet
“@mannix1000 @mredbyrne Meningitis tweet prob saved my son today; I got a second opinion and they called the ambulance. Thank you both. X”
Congratulations Twitter… the social network that saves lives.

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