Stop procrastinating RIM and get the OS launched

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Today RIM finally made a public announcement that its new BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system, along with two handsets housing the software, will launch on 30 January.

Executives from the company have been leaking this information left, right and centre for a few months now, but RIM is hoping that a formal statement will whip the industry up into a frenzy and get people excited about the launch.

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but I still don’t understand why it has taken them this long. RIM is so far behind all its competitors to have a current mobile OS, developers for the system are few and far between and, let’s face it, who on earth buys a mobile in the poorest month of the year when there is nothing but cobwebs and receipts from Christmas presents in our wallets.

I have had a few hands-on experiences with BlackBerry 10 and I do think it is nifty software. The new ‘peek’ feature to allow a glimpse into apps without closing what you are working on, as well as the much more intuitive keyboard, are just a couple of top developments.

However, I think it will take more than this to convince the evangelical iOS users or the Android worshippers to convert to what is viewed by many as the handset of the 1990s business man, rather than the bring your own device professional of 2012 – or 2013 by the time these handsets launch.

Credit to RIM for keeping us talking about them but I fear the longer they drag this out, the more negative the coverage will get, and the industry will be bored of the OS before it even hits the shelves.

Stop procrastinating RIM and get the OS and the devices launched. 

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