Don't buy the hype if you're a Virgin Media customer


I am fed up with Virgin Media.

This morning they announced a £3bn investment to bring fibre broadband to 4 million new homes.

But every day Virgin Media is neglecting its existing customers.

For a little while now, Virgin Media has been telling me I will be upgraded for free* to ‘supercharged’ 50Mbps speeds by the end of February 2015. Today, on the day that Virgin Media makes its announcement, I logged in to find that this has slipped to July to December 2015. Suitably vague.

I imagine their oh-so-amusingly named vans (stop doing that Virgin, it’s just awful when brands try to be cute) are going to be driving round some new neighbourhoods with new customers!

Since joining Virgin Media in 2010 my prices have risen by an average of 9% a year, substantially above the CPI average of under 3% a year.

All this time, an ongoing ‘overutilisation fault’ that never seems to be fixed means my broadband service has degraded.

Overutilisation. Hang on. Sounds like that means Virgin Media has too many customers on its network! But it wants 4 million new ones? Hang on. That doesn’t compute…

And all this on the day Virgin Media reveals a £3bn investment to extend the network to 4 million new households.

Well, that certainly explains why increased prices for existing customers haven’t actually made the existing service any better.

*With a 9% annual price hike it isn’t actually free is it?