Confirmation of an Amazon smartphone? Well, almost...

It seems like there is something exciting happening down at Amazon. Although the first thing you may think of is books, there has been widespread success for the online retailer with its budget Kindle Fire tablet and you can’t get on a bus or tube without being surrounded by its infamous E-reader.

Now, however, it appears to be changing course again with the hiring of Charlie Kindel. The new Amazon executive was at Microsoft for over 20 years, playing a major role in creating the Windows Phone’s developer platform and had not long made the jump from the huge corporation to working with start-ups.

But he has been tempted back to the big boardroom and is promising more mobile work to come.

“I was really enjoying working with start-ups, and really didn’t expect to be working at one of the giants again,” he said in an April Fools-tinted press release (the hiring part is true, according to the FT), “but Amazon presented me with an opportunity to build a bold and audacious new business that I simply couldn’t pass up.”

“I get to build a new team in going after a totally new area for Amazon. I’m particularly excited about all hiring I need to do for cloud and mobile developers and testers, program managers, and product managers.”

So, is this finally the confirmation we have been waiting for that Amazon is working on a smartphone?

Ok, maybe it is not strong enough to reach a conclusion on the matter, but with all the speculation in the past year and hiring of staff renowned for their work in mobile platforms, it seems the closest we are going to get and is definitely enough to get me excited.

We will keep an eye on Charlie and see what else we can find out…

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