UPDATE: HGST has deployed Active Archive units

Last week HGST business development manager Manfred Berger told me that the company had not closed a sale on its Active Archive petabyte-scale cold storage arrays since launch in April, but had 160 prospects. That blog post is here.

But, soon after publication HGST’s press representatives got in touch to say it had made deployments. It said there had been Active Archive deployments globally, including in Europe. Here is what HGST said in a statement:

As a public company, we cannot disclose the number of shipments. However, what I can tell you is that we have deployments globally, including Europe.”

I asked what type of deployments these were. Were they proof-of-concept trials at customers or the result of actual sales? Unfortunately, HGST’s press representatives were unable to elaborate, they said, due to HGST being a public company.