Rubrik plans backup and archive analytics on-prem and in cloud

Backup appliance maker Rubrik plans to add analytics to its products, including in the cloud.

Talking to this week CEO Bipul Sinha would not give details, but did say the company plans to add analytics, and not restricted to those that report on backup operations but more widely using metadata captured in backup and archive operations.

“To date what Rubrik has done has been to manage data backup, recovery, archiving. Going forward we’re looking at more analytics and reporting, doing more with the content stored,” he said.

Sinha he felt Rubrik had won customer trust with its scale-out appliance offerings and that now the company, “wanted to give more intelligence” and that its analytics would enable customers to “interrogate data to gain useful business information.”

The Rubrik CEO also said: “There’s a definite trend to making one single platform on premises and across the cloud” and said that any analytics functionality offered by the company would span the two.

“Competing legacy companies have not innovated so it’s breaking new ground,” he added.

That’s not strictly true, as Druva claims e-discovery and data trail discovery functionality with its inSynch product.

And backup behemoth Veritas recently added functionality that uses machine learning to ID sensitive and personal data to help with GDPR compliance.

To date though, the extent of analytics functionality in backup products has been limited, and some question to what extent backup and analytics can be merged, so we’ll have to wait and see what Rubrik comes out with.

Rubrik provides flash-equipped backup appliances that can scale out and which support most physical and virtual platforms, including the Nutanix AHV hypervisor.