Barracuda to adapt cloud orchestration to cloud disaster recovery

Barracuda makes physical and virtual backup and archive appliances and has embraced the cloud as a target, as well as cloud-to-cloud backup and archiving for services such as Office 365.

But it is now working on adapting cloud orchestration to enable customers to build their own cloud disaster recovery.

DR in the cloud is available. Options exist that range from simply using cloud backup and recovering from that to customer infrastructure on-prem or in the cloud, to full-featured DraaS offerings.

“We’re looking at how to leverage the public cloud to do rapid recovery,” said Alon Yaffe, product management VP at Barracuda.

“The way cloud disaster recovery exists, the industry is asking customers to go with a certain vendor for everything,” said Yaffe. “But, there will be advantages for customers to make use of the public cloud and do it on their own.”

If they do that though, how does Barracuda benefit? After all, it makes its living providing services and products in this sphere.

According to Yaffe it will be by offering the intelligence to help orchestrate disaster recovery that customers put together using public cloud services. The company will be working on that in the next couple of years, said Yaffe, with the aim of providing orchestration for on- and off-site DR functionality.

That presumably means the type of orchestration that can allocate and provision data and storage – within the bounds of RTOs and RPOs – and make it available following an outage, in a fully access-controlled fashion so that customers can build DIY disaster recovery infrastructure from a mix of public cloud and on-prem equipment.

It’s an adaptation of the idea of cloud orchestration to the sphere of DR and should be a valuable addition to the datacentre.