Social networks: tool for SME efficiency

Cloud computing has rid many SMEs of the costs and administrative burden caused by traditional IT infrastructure requiring high-spec PCs. Now we are witnessing a ‘second wave’ of cloud technology which utilises social media as an effective tool to run businesses, writes  Steve Garnett’s EMEA chairman.

SME staff are familiar with the frustration of constantly missing out on critical internal information because existing collaboration tools are overly complicated.

But the emergence of Cloud 2 applications are breaking free of the cost and complexity of legacy software systems. This new generation of real-time solutions delivers information to each individual based on the documents, applications and people they have chosen to follow. 

Teams can collaborate on fast-moving issues, such as customer projects and campaigns through real-time feeds. Status updates from key applications can then be represented in the feed, which flag priority developments such as a new sales opportunity or change in customer contact.

Many small businesses have taken advantage of the low-cost marketing opportunities of social networking, but time-presses SMEs now stand to gain much by also using it as a tool to run their businesses more efficiently.

The advent of Cloud 2 means that the future will see a revolution in the attitudes of businesses to social media.

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