Small businesses need IT to survive

Small businesses could be losing out to larger enterprises by not making most of emerging technology.

There’s a lot of questions coming out of companies about changes in the market place around things like cloud computing, what to do about social media and advances in security, said David Riches, director of operations at the British Chambers of Commerce.

“It’s not that SMEs are being slow to react, it’s that they often don’t have the time to look into these areas. At the moment we’re seeing an education gap between large and small companies.

“Those who are grasping this technology will become very nimble and reach into new markets very quickly. The cost differentials between different-sized enterprises for business enterprise technology are now much less,” he said.

According to Riches, it is SMEs who will drive the economic recovery and those not using emerging technologies will be left by the wayside. “This is an opportunity small businesses have not had before,” he said.

Speaking at an event for ScotlandIS, the country’s trade body for IT, Stephen Whitelow, technology director at Euro PC, made a similiar point. Social media is just word of mouth, but although it’s nothing new it’s mind-blowingly important. Small businesses must embrace social media, if they are going to get ahead, he said.

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