Small businesses are dazed by online developments

The internet is a leveller which can make small businesses look and act much bigger. But many small businesses are not taking advantage of the web as much as they could.


You only have to look at the growth of online sales and the decline of high street sales to realise how important the web is to businesses of any sort. Retail spending is a good measure of business activity.


 The Forum of Private Business is attempting to spur small businesses on this by hosting 11 events across Britain to help small businesses understand how to improve online working.


At a time when small businesses are struggling and attempting to rebuild after a long period of economic turmoil, the internet must be harnessed.


The first event is next Thursday in Leeds. See here for more information and to sign up. These events are being held in partnership with web design and search engine optimisation company Creare.


Phil Orford, CEO at the Forum, said: “The speed at which the internet is constantly changing, along with all the jargon and buzzwords which surround it, means that small business owners are often left dazed and confused when assessing their options online.


“However, small firms can get to grips with subject for free at our event and find out how to make the internet work for them. With the help of experts from Creare, we will explain the many different ways in which the internet can help develop your business, whether that be by spreading the word about your products and services, opening up new markets and opportunities, or by providing a new and cost-effective sales platform. 


“The event will also provide some fantastic networking opportunities, so I would urge every business owner who can make it to come along and see what we have to offer.”


Mike McKinley managing director at Creare said: “In today’s market, there is no better way to generate an effective return on investment than by using the internet, and effective search engine optimisation is an integral part of any successful marketing strategy.


“Using the internet correctly allows businesses to take advantage of the most direct form of advertising, and leaves you able to target a vast audience of potential customers. 


“Now is the best time to get involved, and as the largest web design and SEO company in the UK, Creare is looking forward to working together with the Forum to explain the many benefits of using the internet to market your business online. With our present clients enjoying a substantial return on investment, online marketing is not something that any business can afford to ignore.”


If you are a small business and thje web has transformed your business letus know.