SMEs need IT business continuity plans

Forget snow, fires and floods. The biggest cause of businesses going out of action is hardware failure. And for smaller enterprises without continuity plans in place, this can be particularly bad news.

 According to a survey from ICM, hardware is by far the most likely cause for staff downtime (companies were more than ten times as likely to implement a disaster recovery plan because of a hardware breakdown than any other disruption).

Mike Osborne, managing director at ICM, said, “our experience of working with both public and private enterprises nationwide show us that far more incidents are caused by failure of business critical systems like finance or order processing, and increasingly web and email services [than anything else].

So if the stat that 80% of businesses without disaster recovery systems in place go out of business is to be believed, could this make another compelling case for small businesses to use virtualisation or move into the cloud? The service vendors certainly think so.

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