Large IT service providers are eyeing up the SME services in the cloud

Following our post about large IT suppliers paying more attention to the SME it appears that some of the biggest suppliers are already on this road.

I was talking to a well informed industry contact today and it seems some of the biggest service providers are building cloud services for their big customers and considering how these investments can be opened up to SMEs.

So the suppliers are building cloud services for very large customers. They don’t mind making the investments for big customers after all. But they are trying to re-use these clouds with SME services a possibility.

This makes sense. Take away the large capital expenditure of building a cloud for a big customer, but then using it to supply other customers to npay for it.

When I interviewed Capgemini earlier they were looking at a model where excess data centre capacity can be offered to other customers.

Wipro’s deal with Citibank is like this.

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