HP takes on fragmented SME market

The SME IT market is a juicy slice of pie that many a corporate has dreamed of taking a larger bite into – apparently the world-wide addressable market is €193bn.


And now HP is the latest to up its ante. The company has launched its “Just Right IT’ portfolio, which encompasses a list of products aimed at different parts of the sector.  

For the smaller end, it has announced a new micro server; while a set of virtualisation ‘smart bundles’ have been designed for the mid-market.


Whether a business that employs ten people or fewer will want to invest in its own server and shell out for an operating system on top is anyone’s guess. But there’s no denying the HP ProLiant MicroServerdoes look rather dinky.


Meanwhile, as many as 31% of mid market businesses say they are planning to move to virtualisation and of those one in four say they will virtualise everything, according to AMI. So HP’s strategy of identifying different areas of the market appears well placed.


But the question remains: do these products represent a stepping stone to what is likely to be a cloud-based future for business tools, or could this technology already be redundant as adoption of the cloud gathers pace?