Traffic stats and the top 10 blogs

This is the 300th published entry onto this blog. I thought it might be interesting to do a quick review of how many visitors it’s getting, where you are all coming from and what the most popular postings have been over the past 12 months.

Traffic figures are pretty good – weekly page views are generally between 600 and 800. Not too bad for a niche subject. As expected, most readers are from the UK but there’s good interest from the US. I also have a small number of regular readers from the far east.

My top ten blog entries (by unique page view) have been as follows:

1. Building an Information Security Strategy (5 March 2007)

2. What CIOs should be doing about security in 2008 (14 Jan 2008)

3. The 10 deadly sins of Information Security management (31 October 2007)

4. Portable wireless hacking device (9 Feb 2007)

5. HSBC new two-factor authentication system (7 September 2007)

6. Data Protection Act – What’s the Damage? (20 September 2007)

7. RFID Passports (6 Jan 2008)

8. Incident definition and response (11 January 2007)

9. Use of Skype (28 March 2007)

10. More on PCI – the audit guide (24 March 2007)

Ironically, those entries where I personally think I’ve hit the sweet spot and I sit by the phone waiting for the book-deal and television show hosting offers to come in don’t do as well as the entries that are more “off-the-cuff.”

Your comments and feedback are always welcome.