Top 5 information security annoyances - #2

Few of my blogs have generated so much venom to be thrown in my direction than this one from last week. One blogger from America has gone so far as to write two very lengthy pieces in response while the highly respected security guru and fellow blogger, David Lacey, referred to it as being drivel. Another public commentor calls it trite.

I was well aware that my remarks about the usefulness of security awareness programs and risk models in particular would raise some eyebrows. However, I welcome the debate: we shouldn’t be shy to challenge the accepted norms because there’s plenty of evidence around that they frequently don’t work.

Trite or drivel it might be….I actually started off with a list of ten!

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Get your trackbacks fixed to see the more positive reactions as well. :-) Perhaps the presentation as a top 5 list was just too concise. One could have a lengthy argument over each individual item on your list, and brief outlines are naturally easy to dismiss without going to depth.