The 30 Second Presentation

One of the things I learnt on a recent course I attended at The Impact Factory is the art of the 30 second presentation. This is a most handy skill to have for those instances when riding in an elevator with the CEO and he asks you something along the lines of “so, what messages would you like me to give to the board about security this week?” The 30 second interview teaches you to structure the ensuing conversation thus:

1. Get their attention

2. Make it relevant

3. Give a clear central message

4. Give an example

5. Say what you want them to do

Most lately I’ve been talking a lot about the changing risk environment. It’s pretty gloomy right now and there’s a need to adapt and be flexible as circumstances change. Business strategies also change and adapt to new economic conditions. We need to keep on top of potential risks associated with new revenue streams, new business partners, and new joint ventures.

Yes, I’m a real bundle of fun in the office these days! Anyone for a pint? Anyone at all?