Social networking pros and cons

The social networking security debate continues. Not just a debate, but a heated debate. I like those the best!

Since I work for an organisation that is actively promoting the benefits of social networking as a legitimate business tool (and building it’s own community sites such as I understand the potential benefits. Being “Lord of Corporate Paranoia” (as I have been affectionately referred to today) I also appreciate the potential security risks.

Can we have our cake and eat it? To some degree, yes, but it very much depends on your organisation, and more granular than that, who within the organisation wants to be using social networking and the messages that are being communicated to them.

The international drinks manufacturer, Diageo, takes a more cautious approach. It will allow some departments to access social networking sites, if they have a business reason for doing so. But it is also aware the social networking has the potential to damage the company’s reputation if it is misused by staff at work.

That makes perfect sense to me.