Show me the evidence

I came across this gem of advertising here:

“According to the University of Texas School of Management, security incidents could cost your organization $2.9 million simply in the five minutes it takes to read this page and download SecurityNOW! ”

This is very similar in style to another message that I received by email which stated: “A recent University of Michigan study found that 70 percent of corporate theft incidents can be traced to an insider”

Please can some-one find me the reference points here because I’ve tried locating both with little success. I don’t mind vendors quoting statistics but I’m a tenacious bugger and I do like to see the sources.

Anyway, if it could cost my organisation ” $2.9 million simply in the five minutes” then whilst writing this blog entry we’ve probably already gone out of business…so I’m off to put the kettle on.

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I agree. Looks like FUD. And even if they did point out the sources it's hard to know if the study was indeed valid.