Safeguarding data - it's all in the process

David Lacy mentions in his latest blog that our ability to safeguard data depends upon “sensible application of well-established security technologies.” I am in complete agreement and this remark also relates to our efforts to maintain regulatory compliance: as I discussed in my blog yesterday.

At the present time I’m working on a method of categorising web products according to their risk profile: the profile is based upon strategic importance, revenue and, of course, the regulatory aspects. By doing this work, we can ensure that a security policy is applied that relates to the risk posed by the product. Of course, just having a policy doesn’t provide assurance. That assurance comes through having good development processes throughout the life-cycle, and having thorough risk assessment, review, and risk mitigation processes. It’s all part of having a sound Risk Management Plan (RMP). The RMP is the foundation of my work and over the next year I’ll be providing some insight into how successful or otherwise this is.

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