Reindeer meat and a new industry portal

It was good to bump into many familiar faces around Infosec at Olympia today. In fact, it was a good day, period. I encountered one of the event team soon after arriving who was positively beaming about the great start this years event had gotten off to.

I’m slightly biased, after all, I work for the same organisation that puts on the show, I walk past the event team in the office on a frequent basis, and I’m told they can make even the heaviest stappler aerodynamic however, in my opinion today was good day!

My favorite exhibitor is the Swedish company, BehavioSec. They have a desktop product which can instantly identify unauthorised use of the computer by detecting anomalies in keyboard and mouse behavior. They were giving out free packets of dried reindeer meat on their stand – I’d rather eat the plastic wrapper that it came in however the product (the software, not the meat) is good, and it’s innovative. And innovative products is something I wish more vendors would have.

Another product I liked was from Pinoptic. They specialise in “Visual Probabilistic One Time Password Solutions – Authentication security using symbols, pictures and images.” It’s an alternative to token based two-factor authentication and provides an API for bespoke development (e.g. for website access).

Whether either of the above two products can be put to good practical use at a good price is something to find out. If you’ve got any experience of them then why not share it on the new Infosec website: This is an excellent new industry portal providing product reviews, blogs, expert advice, career guidance, and an online job board. There are too few good online vendor neutral information security resources; this one promises to be a winner and I’ve got no qualms about encouraging your support.