On the road again

This week I’m in Moscow. British Airways just about managed to get me here and maintain the 100% lateness record on flights I’ve taken in the last six months. Todays’ escapades were either (according to ground staff) because of the late arrival of the previous flight and the crew being out of hours or (according to captain of the aircraft that eventually got airbourne nearly three hours late) because the first aircraft wasn’t fit to fly.

The purpose of my visit here is to review the information security side of things of our Russian office. I’ve got a well rehearsed process that covers everything from the server room to the filing cabinets. An on-site visit usually reveals issues that would otherwise remain under wraps but it’s important to show support and offer constructive guidance rather than criticism. The wrong approach can result in being ring-fenced and subsequently not receiving any information at all.

Most of all though, I’m looking forward to some good local hospitality and the opportunity to finally do some face-to-face networking with the people over here. До скорого!