More on China - Fame and Glory?

An article on the subject of Chinese hackers from Bruce Schneier here.

Bruce makes a case that the hackers are not being sponsored by their government but are, in fact, in this for two reasons: fame and glory, and an attempt to make a living. The fame and glory comes from their nationalistic goals. Some of these hackers are heroes in China. They’re upholding the country’s honor against both anti-Chinese forces like the pro-Tibet movement and larger forces like the United States.

He goes on to state ” I also hope that the U.S. government recognizes that these groups are not acting under the direction of the Chinese military…

I’m wondering where Bruce went to do his research for this article. No references are cited so one can only presume it’s all opinion rather than fact. I don’t really buy the “fame and glory” approach. 

Surely Bruce’s newly pandering approach to the Chinese – given his previous publication of stories suggesting the complete opposite such as this and this – has nothing to do with his parent companys (British Telecom) investment hopes for China and their deal to “provide communications service with China Netcom for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.” as reported here. How could anyone suggest such a thing?