Insider Threats: the biggest Information Security risk

It’s a fact that most crimes are committed by people known to their victims. Similarly, businesses are most at risk from former and current employees. Most commonly when thinking about information security we consider how to prevent intrusion into our business from the outside. The facts and statistics tell a different story. 62% of large businesses in the UK (source: DTI/PWC Insider Threat Report 2006) have dealt with a security incident instigated by a current or former employee.

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How can a THREAT be the biggest RISK? Shouldn't one of the 'threats' be the biggest one? Mixing up basic terminology sure gives security a bad name (and supports the idea that "security is some kind of black art") in the eyes of many IT and non-IT people ....
Thanks Anton - yes, I know. The title could probably have been expressed slightly better. It's supposed to represent my view that the greatest risks evolve from insider threats...make sense?