Insect security

I’ve read some rubbish in my time, and probably even been responsible for writing some, however does this qualify as the biggest load of security bullshit of all? I find the most surprising security wisdom in the insect world..It’s common to find insect countermeasures that are non-obvious, but nonetheless effective…When two-spotted spider mites attack them, the plants emit a chemical distress signal….Yes, the plants have evolved to call in air strikes against their attackers.

And the pseud guilty of this pompous and pretentious claptrap is….none other than the highly respected but clearly mad Bruce Schneier! Read the complete interview – if you can bear to – in CSO Online here. “…thinking rationally and making intelligent trade-offs. That’s what separates us from the rest of the animals. We can override our fear, our fight-or-flight mentality. We can reason. We can think.”

Yes, quite. Steady now.

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As a master beekeeper I'd have to say that my bees do have an inherent understanding of the concepts of security... They're offensive and defensive when they have to be and can fall back on continuity plans when faced with major impacts in their environment. And most importantly of all they're great communicators. And as a beekeeper I'd like to think I intimately understand the risk of handling my bees.... so much so that I regularly handle them with bare arms and hands and very rarely get stung. The real secret though is having good management processes and practices for hive monitoring and control, which informs me about what kind of mood the bees are in. Maybe we can learning something from the natural environment ;-)