Innovation, Evolution and a big 'Hello'

I’m really pleased to partner with Stuart King and enter the blogosphere at such an interesting information security time and with so much going on at the moment.

Stuart mentioned freshening things up and I think that’s a great idea equally applicable to the information security profession too. I’ve often bemoaned that there has been a lack of innovation and creativity within the specialism. This has been noticeable in tech solutions, but even more so in our approach, perspectives and staid policies that have hungover from years gone by.

I believe that this is inevitable in a profession that is still young and developing. There’ll be growing pains for sure as information security practice and thought evolves with changing business and technology models and as organisations’ transition from a rule-based to a risk-based approach.

The evolution at the moment is pushing a strong interest in human factors from both scholarly academic communities and practitioners alike. A fellow blogger, David Lacey, has just published his new book, Managing the Human Factors in Information Security, and I’m really looking forward to reading it.

It’s inevitable that there’ll be further evolution in the future and the key to long term success will be constant intellectual and practical curiosity to stay abreast of a highly dynamic body of knowledge. I’m hoping that this blog will add something to that curiosity and debate…. and may even be some fun.