Infosec Spain

It was my privilege yesterday to be invited to give a presentation in support of the Infosecurity Spain exhibition. This is a sister show to Infosecurity Europe and is due to be held in Madrid during June this year.

My presentation was to a group of Spanish business leaders and industry journalists where I talked about the security issues we’re all thinking about at the moment: namely increasing threats from malware, online security, consumerisation, data breaches, and compliance.

The security industry in Spain is a little way behind the UK however, organisations such as (ISC)2 and the ISSA are well represented and their local memberships growing.

Anyone reading this blog who can get to Madrid in June for the show then I well recommend it.

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Stuart, I assume by "is a little way behind the UK" you mean in terms of euros...In terms of technology, skills or results Spain is just like any other developed country. Did you check ISM3 by any chance, for example?
I meant in terms of industry representation - but I'm happy to be corrected.