Infosec Europe

Only a week to go until this years Infosec Europe at Olympia. The program this year looks, in my opinion, to be the best yet including input from some well known industry names such as Bruce Schneier, Alan Paller, as well as my fellow bloggers David Lacey (“Locking Down Social Networking Vulnerabilities” on the 22nd) and Philip Virgo (“Why Do We Need an E-Crime Unit?” on the 23rd).

I’ll be participating in the “The Mock trial of A.N.Corporate” on the 24th in the Interactive Theatre, where, according to the blurb “The excitement of a real courtroom is brought to Olympia, when a mock trial is conducted where various members of a corporation (It Manager, CISO, CIO and CEO) are put in the dock, and questioned by the defence and prosecution.” It should be fun!

There are some exciting new exhibitors on the list for this year including Behaviosec whose product “Behavio identifies unauthorized users within seconds by detecting anomalies in keyboard and mouse behavior.”

I’m looking forward to seeing you there.