Gordon Bennett

The statement from Gordon Brown that “We can’t promise that every single item of information will always be safe because mistakes are made by human beings” beggers belief (see article here). It’s a ludicrous thing to say. Can you imagine a CEO making a similar statement. This is leadership of the lowest possible calibre – in fact it’s not leadership at all in any way, shape or form.

This is the same prime-minister who can take time out to make a statement about the non-issue of some twerp of a TV presenter acting like an idiot (see article here) but backs down on something that’s really important. Good grief. Talk about priorities.

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Would you rather your politicians lie?
I haven't read or heard Gordon Brown's statement. But the quote you've chosen looks utterly reasonable to me. I would be far more scornful of any politician or business leader or security professional who claimed that they could promise that every single item of information will always be safe. Is this a bad choice of quote or a bad case of political bias creeping in?
You're missing the point. We know it's impossible to totally mitigate risk but one would expect leadership to be making more of an effort to lead and not to deliver half-cocked, cop-out statements. Can you imaging a General briefing his troops saying: "look chaps, we're probably going to lose the battle" or a football coach egging his team on by saying "we all lose from time to time." Gordon Brown should be stating his complete commitment to data security. The current situation is a national embarrasment.
Gordon Brown has thrown in the towel! Abject surrender isn't an option [for Gordon Brown] in the Financial Services market but it is clearly the order of the day when it comes to protecting sensitive personal data. No wonder we have a "care-less" culture and continue to leak data like a sieve. I have sent Mr Brown a copy of my paper which gives a summary of practical measures for stakeholder confidence in Information Governance. Free download of the paper at http://tinyurl.com/6zl3jx