Good blogs

There are lots of blogs covering various aspects of information security. I thought I’d take a few minutes to list out a few of the ones I frequently refer to and recommend them on to you – in no particular order.

Anton Chuvakin at Anton is the self-styled “Security Warrior” and writes a very worthwhile blog.

Mark Curphey at Mark’s been a bit quiet of late but his recent appointment as Head of Microsoft ACE Services in Europe means that when he does have something to say it’s usually worth listening to…

Spire Security Viewpoint at A blog from Pete Lindstrom of Spire Security. Some good recent posts here.

Emergent Chaos as I see references to this blog all over the place, and for good reason as there is always something interesting to read.

Gunnar Peterson at Gunnar writes on various software security related subjects. Well worth a read.

Bruce Schneier at Few can match Bruce Schneier’s reputation and credibility in the security industry. His blog is often self righteous but there’s lots of good food for thought.

David Lacey at I consider it a privilege to share blog space with David. Always informative and a source of inspiration for my own work.