Deliveries by the pound and rough justice for McKinnon

A few days ago a British market trader was convicted of selling her goods in pounds and ounces rather than kilos

and grams. For this crime she received a £5000 fine and told her she would have a criminal record after being

found guilty of eight offences under the Weights and Measures Act (see here).

DSC_0090.JPGPhew. Thank goodness for that. We can all sleep soundly in our beds safe in the knowledge that we reside in a country where a market trader trying to make a living by selling carrots by the pound can receive a stiffer criminal penalty than a drunk driver or a burglar. I wonder if that’s why the midwife who helped deliver my newborn son at the weekend gave us his weight in kilos and grams: maybe fearful that some bureaucrat would be listening in, shackles at the ready, dare she give us the imperial truth rather than the metric confusion. My son, by the way, named Andrew, was delivered a very healthy 8lbs 3ozs. See picture! Mother and son both doing well…

So, to the point of this blog being the justice about to be metted out to Gary McKinnon and his failure to prevent extradition. I previously declared a lack of sympathy but I’ve changed my mind. Enoughs enough. The energy and resources being put into dragging this hapless chap over to America for a pointless trial are ridiculous. There’ll be plenty of people out there happy to justify the consequences and punishments for his actions that the American’s seem so keen to dish out but I thought we stopped burning witches centuries ago and this is a witch hunt if ever I saw one. He did something wrong, he admitted it, he’s been living in hell for the past few years as a consequence, he has no job, no money and an uncertain future. Personally I think that’s more than enough persecution for now. Don’t you?