Dayton, Ohio, has a couple of things to recommend it: it is home to one of the best steak restuarants that I have ever been to, (The Pine Club). Actually, that’s about it. However, it is also home to the Daycon Hacking/Security Conference. This might not be the best known event in the calendar, but it certainly attracts some very talented speakers, including my good friend Angus Blitter (he and I gave a presentation together at InfoSec Europe at couple of years ago). I wasn’t able to attend however, there is some content available to download including:

  • DNS: The Internet’s Dirty Secret (PDF file)
  • Hacking Second Life (Zip file)

    I particularly like this quote from Angus: “If an adversary is motivated they will develop or obtain a capability to exploit a vulnerability“, then going on to describe an Exposure Index:

    Exposure Index = Motivation * Capability * Vulnerability

    The presentation on hacking Second Life will make your eyes water. A good message for us all to remember too: “Where money is made, you also find cheaters, criminals and hackers.”

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