Back to Earth

In Futurama, Fry wakes up in the year 3000 and finds himself in a strange new world where the technology is baffling, yet exciting. That’s sort of how I felt wandering around the Microsoft campus today as a guest of Mark Curphey. There are gadgets galore, gaming machines, nice coffee and great merengues. If Carlsberg did work environments then this one is pretty close to how it would look.

Most impressive of all is Mark’s vision for the Oxygen Security Platform. He describes this as “ERP for Information Security, the security management equivalent of what Visual Studio Team System is to software development or in more general terms an information security specific Governance Risk and Compliance platform.” It’s a unique and exciting venture and I for one am looking forward to seeing it come to life – so good luck to Mark on making it happen.

Anyway, I’m back off to my own third-world-in-comparison office. Boss, can we have a games room please?