Are we feeling a little vulnerable?

Quote of the week has got to be “Before, our systems were a little bit vulnerable, and now they are not” from Andrew Brenson, a spokesman for the charity Children In Need. Almost as good is the report of their business case for implementing a new two factor authentication solution as being that their “previous system needed to be improved.”

If only all business cases for spending money on security were so easily written.

The full article from Computer Weekly can be read here: However, if you have five minutes to waste, rather than reading that article, read this one instead… It’s the new “Developer Highway Code” from Microsoft (thanks to Mark Curphey for putting the link on his blog). I’ll talk more about this one later in the week.

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Hi, My attention has just been drawn to your article and subsequent blog relating to a case study that I agreed to after a successful implementation of the SecurEnvoy product. It would seem that the article flowers up my original words and adds some on the end that did not come from me. I can only conclude that you've made it up yourselves. Acknowledging that many journos are by nature both sloppy and lazy, may I take the opportunity to offer you a chance to correct your errors and not be categorised as one of those by pointing you towards the original case study - - where you'll find what I ACTUALLY said. And once you've reviwed the release you'll also see that I am not a spokesman for Children in Need either. I guess the original copy was a bit too dry to make anything of but I think you come out of this looking more stupid than I do, so it seems like justice has been served. Andrew Brenson
Thanks for the feedback Andrew. I quoted the article referenced on Computer Weekly - the first quote is in the last paragraph of the article and the second quote, which is not attributed to you but is contained in the first paragraph. I try to represent what's going on in the manner in which I interpret it as having been published and I always cite my sources of information. I apologise if you feel misquoted, my blog is not intended to be a vehicle for making anyone sound stupid and I have nothing but respect for the work of your organisation.