A question of origin

My daughter’s school (which she has attended for the past two years) has sent a questionnaire for me to complete for their records. They apparently need details of her ethnic origin and first language.

I’ve ticked the boxes indicating that she is a Romany/Gypsy with Hindi as her first language. Call me childish but I couldn’t resist. However, today there is a message on my answer phone from the school asking if I will call them back to confirm some information…..

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As a Romany-Gypsy I cannot help but smile at this, to some degree, and I must say I always, at every census for or such like insist to state my origin as "Romani-Gypsy" ... though the language might have best been given as Romanes, or Romani, as that is the language of the Romani People and not, actually, Hindi. The Romani Chib and Hind share some words but that is about all. On the other hand there are also great differences between those two languages, which is not surprising seeing that there may share a common root but that is about it. Regards, Michael (a.k.a. Veshengro)