2008 Budget - On biometrics at Heathrow

From today’s budget speech:

Today I can announce new measures at Heathrow and other airports to ensure that a greater use of biometric technology speeds up the time it takes passengers to get through immigration control.

Whoppee (see my blog from a couple of weeks ago)! Bet I’ll still get stuck in the queue behind the person who the machine wont work for.

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As a frequent traveller I find that being a registered member of the IRIS Programme (http://www.iris.gov.uk) to be a real benefit, especially as the EU immigration line just keeps getting longer and longer. Having said that there have been some problems with the reliability of the technology. Nevertheless, the overall experience has been a positive one, especially if you're not using one of the London airports ;-) I'd recommend that you give it a spin next time you're jetting off.