200 Today

This is the 200th entry on this blog! I’m certainly not in any danger of running out of things to talk about. We’re in a very dynamic environment where the risk equation must be continually reviewed for each of the bad outcomes that we are concerned about.

My prediction for the next 200 blogs? Probably more of the same because the same old topics keep on cropping up. We seem to have ever more ingenious ways of relearning common mistakes. 10 years ago we talked about change control and process and moaned that we needed to tighten up. Today we still moan about both. Only now, you’re far more likely to find yourself on the front pages when it all goes wrong.

More reliance on platform based services such as Salesforce.com means that controls around data access, integrity and availability become more important than ever. Reliance on strategic web products and associated web 2.0 services raises further issues. PCI compliance is being gradually tightened up, as too are European data protection regulations.

Anyway, as we’re getting towards to the end of year, I’m going to join in the old game of trying to predict what’s coming up next year. That’s coming later…