Yahoo chief reveals all about deal with Microsoft

Yahoo chief Carol Bartz has had a lot more to say on a potential internet search partnership with Microsoft, which reveals all we really need to know.

“Yahoo doesn’t have to do anything with Microsoft about anything,” is one of the best and most illuminating quotes in a Reuters report posted today.

This tells us that Bartz is fiercely independent and will avoid a partnership with a big company like Microsoft if she can.

But at the same time, there is no knowing where things will go in the current economic climate, so she is keeping all partnership avenues open.

That is the way it will most probably to stay until Yahoo and Microsoft have positively inked a deal, but that now seems unlikely.

Bartz has said in many ways now that there is no real advantage to Yahoo, which still has a search market share lead of around 11% over Microsoft, according to Comscore.

Last week she said it would take the right technology and “a boatload of money” and now she says a deal with Microsoft would save “not much more” than $700m.

All in all, Bartz seems happy with the way things are going at Yahoo and that means we probably won’t see any deal with Microsoft any time soon.