Virtual Worlds Cheaper than Web Conferencing

It’s time for business to take a fresh look at Virtual Worlds. It’s time for business to stop being scared, and to recognise the cost benefit, and dramatic savings that can be attained throigh using the Metaverse rather than traditional web conferencing tools.

Read Write Web – a blog that I think has always talked a fair amount of sense, comments on a forthcoming report from Forterra.

Now I may be biased, being not only a user of Virtual Worlds, but I am also a big fan of collaboration and the social media aspects of the Metaverse (after all I am the Community Editor here at – it’s sorta my job!).

I can see how the costs of web conferencing can be stupidly high, and for more than 3 or 4 people this would be prohibitive, but in a virtual world, you don’t have high speed video costs, you have a virtual space.

As a Machinimatographer I am currently working on a series of films for a friend who is using a virtual space and a virtual build in lieu of the traditional architectural scale mock up of a new build he is working on. The new build is to scale in the virtual world he is using so potential buyers can walk around their prospective purchase to get a feel for the layout etc.

Virtual Worlds are not about orcs and elves and strange deviations – at least no more than they were a few years ago … but the same can be said to be true on the rest of the web.

IBMis working very seriously with interoperability between grids, and they generally don’t throw good money away!

Investigate the possibilities, the time of the virtual world is here, or is it?