Video games in the workplace and other predictions by JP Rangaswami

Aside from talking about cloud computing, JP Rangaswami had a few predictions for enterprises over the next ten years that he shared with Computer Weekly at the annual conference, Dreamforce, in San Francisco.

“In the next ten years, we’re going to understand more about what it feels like for touch and movement rather than just keyboard. The iPad has entered the enterprise but it needs to go a lot further than that,” he said.

“We’re already seeing the implications of location-based and presence-based computing in the enterprise. Video is also going to become normal rather than the expensive toy of some senior execs,” he said.

Rangaswami is also looking into how enterprises can gain value from computer games. “When we have people who are used to collaborating in multiplayer games and go from missions and quests, how does that translate into the workplace?, he asked.