Video: Why EAT "retired" Blackberry devices and deployed Android and Google Apps

Restaurant chain, EAT, has “retired” its employees’ Blackberry devices in favour of Google’s Android smartphones and Google Apps.

The migration involved a move away from Novell Groupwise.

Cesar Ramanauskas, systems engineer at EAT, says in a blog post, “In preparation for our goal of doubling in size, EAT migrated to Google Apps for Business, after more than a decade of using Novell GroupWise.”

“We found the GroupWise upgrade process very costly and time-consuming, and because of long release intervals between versions our users had to wait years to access new features,” he adds.

Ramanauskas explains, “Although BlackBerry devices are fully supported by Google Apps, we appreciated the flexibility of Android devices with native Gmail, calendar, and the latest corporate and management apps, such as Google Apps device policy and authenticator for two-step verification.”

EAT migrated users to HTC Desire Z devices within one day.

Ramanauskas adds, “Retiring BlackBerry Enterprise Servers in the process was a welcome saving on our infrastructure!”