UK to get RIM's PlayBook iPad-killer only in April 2011

Blackberry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) has unveiled its PlayBook tablet computer to compete with Apple’s iPad and Cisco’s Cius, but it is being touted as a gaming device and has the ability to play1080p high-definition video.

The PlayBook also comes with two high-definition cameras for video conferencing, a 1GHz processor and a seven-inch screen.

The PlayBook marks a leap for RIM as it does not run on the Java-based BlackBerry operating system. Instead it uses a new BlackBerry Tablet operating system based on QNX, acquired by RIM earlier this year.

QNX is used across a number of sectors in automotive, medical, and industrial applications, and is widely regarded as stable, flexible and efficient.

All in all, the PlayBook sounds like fun, but UK execs will have to wait at least until April next year to get their hands on one,  because RIM plans its international roll out only in Q2.

April, however, is a best case scenario. Q2 could also mean PlayBooks may hit the UK market only in June.